To realize all Proximity signage indications all you will need is an A4 sheet of paper, tape, paint or chalk. If you are looking for help look at the examples, and if you want to go deeper you can read the project.

Walking zone

To indicate the direction to follow, use the “flock of arrows” and repeat it frequently along the way.

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Attention zone

There are spaces where it is necessary to pass or stop (i.e. entrance/exit, a bookshelf, a market stall) and where, therefore, it is very important to helps people to understand how to carefully navigate the space, minimizing interaction at risky bottlenecks. In these cases you can use this signal, which reminds you of a “forbidden sign” and increases attention, helping people to maintain the right caution.

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Queueing zone

We did not want people to queue back to front, we wanted them to look at each other, making safe interaction possible. Moreover, a linear queue requires a much larger space. The solution was written in the stars, more precisely, in the constellation. As we did for the other signs, the irregularity of the symbol helps people keeping a high level of attention.

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Talking Zone

This is the easiest solution to help people to stop and talk safely: squares (but they can also be simple painted points on the ground) inside which to stop and stay close enough. We suggest disposing of the regular grid pattern, instead using the different dimensions to help raise the level of attention. This method can be applied in many different ways, places and situations- we leave it up to you.

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